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September 28, 2011

Playskool Transformers Fire Station Playset

By: Ashley Woods
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Hasbro recently sent me a Playskool Transformers Fire Station Playset to try out.  My kids LOVE it!  The age recommendations on the box are 3-6 years old, and having a 3 and 4 year old, this is a perfect fit for my family.

My kids are both into playing rescue right now.  This playset has a fire truck, fireman, plastic shooting water piece (just looks like water, they won't get your house wet), an elevator, garage doors, lights, sounds, a pole for the fireman to go down, command center, and plastic flames.  My daughter likes to push the flames up then squirt them down with the water, while my son likes to put the firetruck into the elevator, bring the fireman to make his rescue.  They both love turning the knob on the front, which transforms the look of the front of the playset into Optimus Prime, and lights up and talks to them.  

The Transformers Fire Station is incredibly durable.  My kids are not exactly easy on their toys, as many 3 and 4 year olds are not, and this playset is completely capable of holding up to the stress a preschooler can put on it.  Another amazing quality of this playset is that it totally folds up, with all of the pieces inside, for convenient carrying.  That makes it ideal for bringing to Grandma's, on vacation, or just storing it in the house.

One of the great things about this toy is that it allows younger children to be involved in the "older kid" toys, but instead of fighting, they are heroes.  That is a great spin that Playskool has given, as we all know kids are just growing up way too fast these days!  Since I do not have any older children, my kids don't even know who the Transformers are yet aside from this playset, but honestly it doesn't even matter.  They love it anyways, and I know yours will too!
I was compensated for this review and the opinions and comments are my own.

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